About Our Beer

    With a deep golden to amber color, Ballantine India Pale Ale is delightful to behold after a lively pour in its characteristic “tulip” pint glass, with a strong foamy head. At 7.2% ABV and with 70 IBUs of bitterness, this refreshing brew is unique among IPAs in that it has been both dry hopped as well as includes hop oils imported directly from the United Kingdom in order to capture the balanced but defined hop flavor of Peter Ballantine’s original brew. Originally aged for over a year in oak barrels, our innovative proprietary brewing method ensures that every drop of Ballantine IPA comes in contact with American oak.

    First introduced in America in the late 1800s, Ballantine IPA was a beer for connoisseurs. It has been credited as an inspirational influence for the present day craft beer revolution in America. Handcrafted by our master brewers, this delightfully hoppy brew resurrects its deep heritage and storied past to embody an IPA worthy of the original Ballantine name. For well over a century, the interlocking Borromean Rings showcased on our label have come to signify Purity, Body, and Flavor, just like the delicious Ballantine India Pale Ale inside. We hope you enjoy it.

    • 12 oz Bottle
      ABV: 7.2%
      IBU: 70
    • Draught
      ABV: 7.2%
      IBU: 70
    About Our Beer (Ballantine Burton Ale)

    Ballantine Burton Ale was first brewed in Newark in the 1930s and aged for up to 20 years in American oak. Designated a “Special Brew,” the beer was given as a gift to prestigious friends of the brewery, including the White House. We are excited to share the reincarnation of this rare brew. Like the original, our Burton Ale is sweet, strong, yet balanced by a robust hop character true to the Ballantine name. The oak essence and notes of toasted vanilla make it the perfect holiday treat. Season’s Greetings!

    • 12 oz Bottle
      ABV: 11.3%
      IBU: 75
    • Special Brew 6-pack
    • Draught
      ABV: 11.3%
      IBU: 75
    Brewers Gold Ale

    Tapping into our historic lineup of Ballantine’s classic beers,
we are proud to share Brewers Gold, a delicious Golden Ale
first brewed over three decades ago. Our Master Brewer recreated his brew with a special blend of hops, including Saaz, Northern Brewer and Brewers Gold, offering spicy notes and a fruity aroma. Balanced perfectly with Goldpils® Vienna Malt, the result is a rich, crisp, drinkable Golden Ale with a toasted note at the finish.

    • 12 oz
      ABV: 7.2%
    • Peter Ballantine born in Ayr, Scotland.
    • Peter Ballantine immigrates to the United States from Scotland and begins brewing beer in Albany, NY.
    • Peter Ballantine opens a brewery in Newark, NJ and incorporates it as Patterson & Ballantine Brewing Company.
    • Ballantine’s 3 sons join the business and the company is renamed “P. Ballantine & Sons”, a name it will retain until it closes in 1972.
    • Ballantine is 5th largest brewery in the United States.
    • Ballantine IPA is brewed for the first time. This beer was brewed according to the traditional “Burton” method dating back to the English IPAs of the early 1800s, featuring very pale malt, high hopping rates, and even an extended period of aging in wood casks.
    • According to legend, Peter Ballantine notices the condensation rings left by beer glasses on a table, and is inspired to use the interlocking “Borromean Rings” as his brewery’s symbol, along with the iconic words: Purity, Body, Flavor.
    • Peter Ballantine dies of bronchitis and his second-eldest son assumes control of the brewery, which he will retain until his death in 1895. The brewery remains in the hands of the Ballantine family until 1905 at the death of Peter’s last son.
    • The United States ratifies the Eighteenth Amendment, also known as Prohibition. The Ballantine brewery survives the 14 years of Prohibition by producing malt syrup and diversifying its business into insurance and real estate.
    • Ballantine brewery is purchased by the Badenhausen brothers, (right, center) bringing in a new Scottish brewmaster, Archibald MacKechnie (left.) Ballantine IPA remains the only American IPA to successfully continue in the tradition of pre-Prohibition IPAs, remaining true to the specific gravity, alcohol content, and hopping rate of the traditional IPAs of the early 1800s.
    • Ballantine business continues to grow on the East Coast, buying up rival breweries post-Prohibition and becoming the first television sponsor of Major League baseball teams the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies.
    • Ballantine emerges as 3rd largest brewery in the United States, behind only Schlitz and Anheuser-Busch.
    • Ballantine IPA begins to slide into decline due to competition from larger beer brands.
    • Ballantine brewery is closed and all brands are sold off to Falstaff Brewing Company and all of the Ballantine beer production is moved to the Narragansett Brewery in Cranston, RI. A variety of changes were made to the recipes as the beers are outsourced to contract brewers.
    • Falstaff Brewery merges with Pabst Brewing Company.
    • Pabst Master Brewer Greg Deuhs begins experimenting with recreating the historic Ballantine IPA in his home near Milwaukee, WI.
    • Ballantine IPA, produced initially in Cold Spring, MN, re-launches in select markets in the Northeast region in 12oz bottles and 750 ml limited-edition bottles. In Deuhs’ words, this brew is “what Peter Ballantine would create if he were brewing with today’s ingredients and brewing techniques.”